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The decision to enroll a friend or loved one into the care of a Hospice company is often a difficult, confusing time that involves many decisions, and no one path seems to be the most obvious.   It is important during this time to have a resource you can depend on to give honest, reliable feedback regarding the best direction to take.  At Reliant at Home Hospice, we believe that the patient and family determine what the right direction to proceed is, and it is our calling to provide the tools and information needed to make the best decision for all.  Supporting emotionally, clinically, and spiritually during an emotionally charged time is at the heart of what we do every day.

From determining the best living situation for your loved one, to assuring proper communication between multiple healthcare providers, Reliant at Home Hospice has the support and experience you need.

Hospice rests squarely on four cornerstones:

1. The family as the primary caregiver.
2. The support of a well-educated hospice care team.
3. Comfort care and the control of pain.
4. Living life with hope in the face of death.

At the core of our values is “A Servant’s Heart”, a simple expression of a timeless value that puts emphasis on existing solely for the benefit of those we serve.  From our Mission Statement, to our Core Pillars, we strive to build excellence into all that we do.

Mission Statement

Reliant at Home Hospice exists through God to improve the lives of our patients and staff, their families, and our community. With a servant’s heart, we strive to enable those we serve to find hope and empower them to live each day to the fullest.

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