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Who needs/qualifies for Hospice?

Contact us to schedule a consult to discuss your various treatment options.

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Do you or a loved one have a terminal illness?

Have you or or your loved one chosen to stop aggressive treatment, and instead focus on your physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort?

If the answer is yes to both of the above questions, you may be a candidate for Hospice, depending on some conditions required by Medicare.

We, at Reliant at Home Hospice, understand that patients and families become apprehensive and scared when life is defined in months rather than years. Our program provides a safe haven for patients and families with a hurting body, heart, and soul — serving with compassionate, competent, and comprehensive care.

Hospice is not about giving up hope, but rather FINDING HOPE to live each day to the fullest. We have chosen a life of serving, a life of living, a life of loving. We have a heart that cares…positively and unconditionally.

Reliant at Home Hospice welcomes the opportunity to discuss our program and its benefits with you.